Manage Carriers & Dealers

Mainting basic carrier and dealer information is not all we do. We can also configure ClearPath to support any additional fields and/or document/picture uploads that make ClearPath suit your business. Below are some of the basic tools that are ready from the start.


1. Carrier List
This list is sortable by its column headers and features several columns of information invlucing liability limits and important expiration dates. Carriers with pending expiration dates are highlighted in red and should be updated as soon as possible.
2. Keep Important Files Accessible
Upload files to ClearPath and quickly share and review them with team members or carriers. You can also maintain common manifest instructions and additional contacts.
3. Store Liability, Weight Limits & more
There's no obligation to supply this information but doing so will allow enable ClearPath's SmartLoader advise you of an expiring MC# or excessive weight limits.

>Note: The first (4) slides are carrier-related. The last 4 are dealer-related.


1. Dealer List
Expand each dealer row to find the various origins/destinations associated with them. In the example shown, the transport company asked that we configure pricing in Tiers. You can also find the most recent vehicles(s) delivered and a load total.
2. Filtering & Sorting
Filter by manufacturer code and sort each column by clicking on its header label. Unrelated to filters, but shown in this same view is a "Load Total".
3. Adding/Editing Dealers
Include special shipper instructions for your carriers. Include hard-to-find site/yard entrances to make things easier on your drivers. You can also code all of your dealers for quicker access throughout ClearPath.

Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine   Toyota Volkswagen   General Motors   Hyundai/Kia   Lexus   Mercedes   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Subaru   Kia