Customers & Invoicing

We know hauls are priced differently from one company to the next. Some haulers bill an up-front flat fee and then another rate per mile - and often times with an additional ICL fuel surcharge. In fact, ICL Fuel% is a custom screen that we built for one of our carriers and handles one major manufacturers' fuel rates.

Configuring your pricing model is the more time-consuming aspects of the ClearPath implemenetation, but is also the most invaluable. Whether your customers are manufacturers, auction houses, carriers, or independent owner-operators, ClearPath handles both. We'll need to assess how you bill each audience respectively so that we can sync everything back to Quickbooks and tie the same billing processes to other parts of the solution.

1. Customer List
Quickly access and edit customer information
2. Inline Editing
The column in blue is editable and is related to how QuickBooks matches up names in ClearPath during synchronization
3. Editor Window
This overlay contains a lot more details about each of your customers. The search box allows you to associate existing origins/destinations within your list of dealers and carriers. You can also provide special instructions for drivers.

Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine   Toyota Volkswagen   General Motors   Hyundai/Kia   Lexus   Mercedes   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Subaru   Kia