Manage Drivers & Trucks

ClearPath naturally stores a driver's first/last, email, date of birth, hire date information and so on. But we also store emergency contact names/numbers along with important expiration dates for DOT, driver's license and transportation worker identification credentials (TWIC). These expirations come in to play handy when you are provisioning a new haul and want to steer clear of drivers or carriers with expiring credentials.

These expirations hold true for trucks, too. And the Truck List shows who was the last person to drive a given truck should you ever need to find out. And remember that ClearPath is scalable and can store any additional information you want to keep about your drivers and/or trucks with a little customization.

Getting Started

You can opt to manually enter each driver's information but ClearPath offers services that include importing as much information as you have – so long as it is in an Excel or CSV format. This holds true for importing truck details, vehicles and carrier information. Ask your sales associate about importing business information during your demo.



Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine   Toyota Volkswagen   General Motors   Hyundai/Kia   Lexus   Mercedes   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Subaru   Kia