EDI Compliance

Work with major vehicle manufacturers and dealerships.

ClearPath is the leading industry solution built to work with any major automotive manufacturers – just tell us which ones you need. Each manufacturer has their own specific way of maintaining dealership inventory. They want to know when, or if, a car has left or arrived within minutes of it actually happening. ClearPath’s dedicated EDI server works with those major manufacturers to automatically distribute all of this information to dealers via secure and especially encrypted gateways.

The EDI server obtains load, invoice and payment remittance information down to the individual vehicle VIN. In rare cases where invoices are partially paid for the delivery of a given load, you can look to see how much was paid to each car - individually. Whereas you would normally have to call around to find why a particular car varies from the quoted price.

We currently provide EDI connectors for all major manufacturers.


How it Works

ClearPath's EDI server is at the center of all dealership vehicle and payment information.