Fleet & Load Management

ClearPath's industry-leading feature is the Loads Screen. This screen includes your standard information: load number, truck, current status, weight, etc. And also features multiple filters to narrow the list down by origin, status, or truck so that you can manipulate individual or multiple loads at once. But what sets it apart is the ability to drill-in to each load to view individual vehicle details, activity history and upload signed BOLs - without leaving the same screen. You can also generate driver manifests and other common documents in PDF format.

Key Features

1. Browse Loads and Generate Common Documents
ClearPath will generate PDFs of driver manifests/contracts, invoices and bill of lading documents. Our manifest generator also works for loads with multiple pick-up/drop-off destinations.
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2. Spot-Check Individual Loads or Vehicles
Easily modify different characteristic of your load's vehicle destinations and payment information. Update pay rates or associated vehicle VIN numbers, makes, models and even to bill.
3. Find the Load You're Looking For - Faster
Filter by origin, destination, status or truck. Each line item is expandable and can display vehicle and other important load details - improving both customer and driver satisfaction.
4. Upload/Attach Files to Loads
Upload signed bill of ladings or any type of file that you , but consider ClearPath another way to organize all the files that become a part of your load.

Your dispatchers and users can also see...

Status and Activity Logs

We keep tabs on users and the changes they apply to loads with regard to status, emailing BOLs and emailing driver manifests. It provides a history of accountability throughout the load's lifecycle.

Easy-Access to Vehicle Details

Each row can be expanded for the viewing of vehicles included in the load. You can also modify VINs, pay rates , origins/destinations and view the delivery status of each individual vehicle.

Export Any Lookup to Excel or a PDF

At the top of most pages within the TMS, you'll find an Excel or PDF button. If you need to print a quick checklist or simply keeping a digital record of your loads - it takes one click.

Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

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