Vehicle Management & VIN Decoding

Key Features

1. Bulk Actions & Vehicle Tools
The VIN Decoding icon () will populate common vehicle information when a VIN is entered. Our VIN decoding includes retrieving information as manufacturers provide it to always have the latest models available for VIN decoding.

The background colors for each row's checkbox (yellow, green and red) indicate how long a vehicle has been in your inventory. You can set how many days or hours each color represents. Ask your rep about customizing the Vehicle Screen's aging settings during your demo.
2. Filter All Vehicles or View By Load ID
These filters allow you to pin-point key details for inbound calls from drivers, customers, dealers and carriers. These filters are also good if you want to work with a select set of vehicles because it can filtered in so many ways.
3. Import/Store Vehicle Lists
If you have a large order in Excel, you're in luck. You can import those and simultaneously decode their VIN numbers to confirm/modify the information in your own file. It will shave plenty of time off creating your first haul. You can also import origin and destination information if is available in your file.
4. Import Error Reporting
If you have any invalid or duplicate VINs in your Excel file, we identify those records and prompt you to modify the Excel file directly and try again. We'll make sure we get as many records as we can with every import.

Getting Started

Because ClearPath is a grass-roots solution, we can customize it to have different screens, tools and reports that make sense just for you and your business. But before we get there, there's a little leg work that we're glad to help with. Learn more

  • Friendly Setup & Support

    Our system sets itself apart by focusing on usability and customization. Once your drivers, trucks and other information are all configured, we can show you to build loads and follow them all the way through to invoicing.

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  • Fine-Tuning Your Integration

    Reporting needs vary from one company to the next, and we can leverage various components within ClearPath's core system to develop and supply reports that fit your business model, not some generic version.

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  • Synchronize with QuickBooks

    Connect ClearPath to your in-house accounting department with our QuickBook's certified synchronization process. Maintain customers, drivers, and invoices connected to everything you can track in ClearPath.

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Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine   Toyota Volkswagen   General Motors   Hyundai/Kia   Lexus   Mercedes   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Subaru   Kia