Customized Reports and Tools

ClearPath TMS employs the developers that wrote the core engine (we proudly in-source), they're ready to make changes that are specific to your account. Maybe there's a weekly report you'd like to drum up to get a pulse on how deliveries are going, if drivers are keeping up licenses, truck maintenance, user access, delivery efficiency, etc. Whatever you want to "see" related to your business, is something we can plan, develop and implement.

And don't feel like you have to come up with everything at once. ClearPath is scalable and we can add as little, or as much, functionality and reporting as you're ready for.

We can also customize new tools or develop entire screens for your dispatchers or drivers to use. Do you want drivers providing VIN and delivery status from their phones? Do you want to notify drivers when a new shipment of cars is ready for delivery? Whatever the need, consider yourself at the wheel of your own custom and unique auto transport software solution.


Our Process

We'll talk about your business together to identify what parts can be integrated with ClearPath. We'll then explore those things that you really want to start reporting on or using to set your transport company aside from others.

Depending on the project size, Vazkor Technologies will use a Project Manager, a Software Architect, and one or more programmers. The client company also has various employees, so we'll discuss how each employee can interact with ClearPath. For instance, some users should be able to create loads, while others shouldn't.

This is where we take our consultation and get down to some of the nitty-gritty. We'll iron out what the user should be seeing and ensuring we are all expecting the desired results. You should be seeing some screenshots or even sample forms within your account. But keep in mind that some of your desired goals/features may require some more advanced database and software development.

Now for the fun part. Our developers will start working on your reports and/or tools and let you know when you can start testing. We'll also fine-tune a few things here and there to make your tool cover all the ground you needed to.

If you need more out of one of our packaged tools or your own custom features, we're always here to help. And we can develop things in stages so that you don't feel like you have to come up with everything you'll want after a few conversations. We want to be your business partner, not just a vendor.

Complete EDI compliance for manufacturers including...

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine   Toyota Volkswagen   General Motors   Hyundai/Kia   Lexus   Mercedes   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Subaru   Kia