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ClearPath TMS simplifies the logistics chain of custody by delivering products that manage and connect every aspect of the transportation process. Our passion is providing premier products and services while consistently exceeding our customers' expectations.

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The team from ClearPath have always been very responsive and knowledgeable in all the Carrier EDI services. We are pleased to have such a good service for many of our carriers.

Ibrahim Ucarkus, Business Analytics Lead

Leadership Team

Portrait of Aaron Korff

Aaron Korff

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Collins Morley

Collins Morley

Chief Solutions Architect

Portrait of Cameron Reid

Cameron Reid

Chief Product Officer

Portrait of Keshia Harris

Keshia Harris

Chief Customer Officer

Portrait of Keshia Harris

Lori Porges, PhD

Chief Financial Officer

We deliver on results, not promises

The ClearPath group has worked with agility and collaboration alongside our teams through open, reliable dialogue.

Kristin Murray, Director of Finance – US AutoLogistics

ClearPath has allowed us to continue building our business. We can confidently seek out new partnerships with OEMs knowing the system can communicate with anybody.

Anthony Salib, Owner – eCar-Mover

The customer support and attentiveness to clients' accounts are superb, fast, and efficient. ClearPath has changed our business and given us the opportunity to devote time where needed and streamlined our processes.

Lori Wright, Owner – Right Way Auto Transport

Working with ClearPath has allowed us to focus on our business while they keep the data flowing.

Marty Watts, Owner – Tennessee Auto Carriers

ClearPath has always been easy to use. They have also customized our system to accomdate the everchanging needs of our customers.

Derick Hopkins, Owner – Fine Line Transportion

ClearPath has made it easy for us to manage our fleet and provide real-time information to our customers.

Stephen Graham, Operations Manager – Dismuke Transport

It was always a pleasure to work with the ClearPath team and all my requests were done in a timely and efficient manner.

Shawn Pulatov, Manager – CRC Transport

ClearPath is like family, growing over the last decade. They are critical to our daily operations and has contributed significantly to LMR becoming a major player in the Automotive Logistics industry. They continue to enhance our driver and customer experience and we are greateful for their partnership.

Robbie Oliphant, Director of Business Management – LMR Trucking and Auto Transport Brokerage

ClearPath has allowed us to focus on growing the business by having all of our data and information in one singular place. We can easily look up signed BOL's, invoice our customers, and send electronic shipment information to our customers.

Santiago Chi, Owner – CFY Auto Transport

ClearPath has changed the way we operate our business in the ever changing and competitive logistics market.

Tammy Meissner, Owner – Liberty Auto Transport

We brought on new EDI business and ClearPath was able to work with our customers easily and quickly to get us new freight into the system.

Billy Sellers, Owner – No Boundaries Transportation

ClearPath has revolutionized our management system. Their team have been instrumental to the progression of our system from the outset to current application. Cameron excels at building rapport and effectively meets our needs. We're grateful for their support and look forward to a continued partnership.

Alisha Paxton, General Manager – Interlink Auto Transport

I have been able to build my business knowing that I can trust ClearPath to handle all the technical elements of my customer partnerships.

Andrew Dismuke, Owner – Legendary Auto Transport

Working with vendors is not always easy but ClearPath always makes it simple to request a change or get us what we need to run our trucks. No ticketing system or numbers to get ahold of someone there.

Leonis Jenkins, Operations – Jenkins Transport

Since using the ClearPath system, we have seen continued year-over-year growth. Some of our customers need special rpeorts or access and ClearPath always delivers what we need.

Joe Best, Owner – Roadside Auto & Truck Transport